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Mexico - May 18, 2012

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AES Mexico Educational Program 2012
We successfully completed our 2012 Educational Program. A constant assistance to each conference was achieved and 265 people in total assisted the program.
This year's program consisted of 4 days instead of the usual 3, as we dedicated one whole day to speak of quality and goals we should pursue. Barak Moffitt, Andrés Mayo, Michael Romanowski and Gavin Lurssen were in charge of sharing their thoughts on the subject, individually and finally as a panel of the four.
Day two had Horacio Malvicino speaking of system integration and acoustics, Salvador Tercero, talked about Dynamic Range and audio basics and finally to close the day Shane Rees of the Vancouver Film School, where he spoke of the workflow of Hollywood pictures and the reason of its sound.
Day Three opened with Frank Filipetti and his personal view of digital audio, followed by David McNutt from the University of Columbia, Chicago, speaking of an interesting subject of digital, how we got here and where we are heading. Then Lee Moro giving advice on audio technologies and closing the day Adrian Taverna with a sound reinforcement talk.
On day four, we started with Humberto Gatica accompanied by Mauricio Abaroa. Humberto shared his successful tips on producing, recording and maintaining the highest quality throughout the recording process. Jack and Barbara Renner spoke on the importance of piano tuning, emphasizing in classical and jazz recordings and we heard several examples made by Mr. Renner and where Barbara was responsible for making the piano sound as perfect as possible. To close the program, we had the honor of having Mr. Geoff Emerick accompanied by Howard Massey, and they talked of the Beatles' recording techniques and several examples, pictures and recording tips were given.
An overall assistance of 265 persons, where mostly were members. Only 4 new memberships were registered.
We are grateful to our friends of D&B Audiotechnik, Meyer Sound, Sennheiser, Showco, Shure, Sound:Check and Vari International, whose financial support made the program happen.
As in former years, we had the opportunity to use SARA's audio and visual equipment; Simultaneous translation' equipment was a courtesy of Gonher; TV Azteca's Carlos Martínez, on the video recording and post production of the whole program; Música Modena's Enrique Pérez Adame, for lending us the Meyer Sound 5.1 speaker system; Avid's Pepe Reveles, for lending a support Venue console.

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