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London Ontario Student - March 12, 2012

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The London Student Section of the AES held their second event of 2012 on Monday, March 12th at Fanshawe College. Presenting was Terry Medwedyk of Group One Acoustics in Toronto on acoustic design for home studios. To begin the presentation Terry presented his considerations when assessing a particular design challenge: Function/Purpose of the space; Noise Criteria; Ergonomics; Structural Considerations; Budget; Ventilation and finally "general" considerations which include resale value of the space, building code and neighbours etc.
Since the focus of the event was on acoustic design for home studios Terry brought with him some recent projects from home studios including technical drawings of components and floor plans. Some of the highlights included a garage designed for Dolby Surround specifications, a basement with low ceilings and incessant plumbing noise, a mastering room in an apartment with troublesome weight restrictions and finally a two room studio in a Victorian house on a busy street in Toronto. As an added treat Terry presented a few slides on a film production facility in India call Annapurna Studios that features fully loaded film and dubbing stages as well as having a wealth of editing suites.
In a question period following the main presentation Terry answered many queries about specific acoustic issues that some audience members faced, including explaining the criteria to be met in order to have the provincial government dig a ditch and de-couple your house or studio from a source of excessive vibrations such as a highway. As well, when prompted, Terry explained the way in which he became an acoustician, which he described as being a combination of working at studios where he learned the most, learning construction skills from his father and seeking out more in depth knowledge in his own time. To conclude the meeting Terry parted with some wise words for the largely student audience who tend to be afraid of the costs associated with acoustic design : "Budgets matter less and less, as long as people are cooperative". In other words, if you know what you require for a space and are forthcoming with your plans any good acoustician can produce a design that fits your requirements and budget.
The London Student Section of the AES was very happy to have hosted Terry Medwedyk and hope to have him again in the future.

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