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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 26, 2019

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The cycle two Monday night meeting opened with Peter Gjerset, AES Chair, welcoming everyone by doing introductions and their favorite movie at the moment. Then he followed with a mentor team update: Pro Tools Tier 1.1 Review Monday, Neotek Review Tuesday, Mentor sessions will be Tuesday/Thursday from 7am-9am at the Gilbert campus and went over requirements to be a mentor. Peter then explained the foundation of AES and its benefits, as well as how to become an officer. We then launched into some outstanding updates and reviewed last week's drum triggering clinic with Sam Beckley. Then the officers went through some upcoming events. Ongoing Internship opportunities were presented for Trunkspace (On-going), Nitroband (On-going), and Foothills Community Church (Sunday Mornings 9am-1pm). There was then a 10-minute subgroup breakout, with each subgroup leader then giving a two minute summary to the collective group of what was discussed and upcoming subgroup events. Following subgroups, Peter showed the group a youtube video named "One Drum Kit. Five Rooms.". The video is a demonstration of the same drum kit and microphone set up in five different rooms, to demonstrate the differences in drum resonance and overall sound as the rooms varied in shape and size. After a short discussion about the video, the group played a CT100 MIDI Kahoot with candy prizes.

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