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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 19, 2019

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On August 19th, 2019, the weekly AES meeting at CRAS opened with introductions of the students present as an ice breaker to welcome new students. Peter the president then went on to explain "What is AES" as well as the professional and networking benefits associated with membership, as well as the upcoming officer's meeting on Tuesday the 20th. He then led into recent updates; the Mixing Contest for "2213" by Wata, with a submissions deadline of Friday, September 6th, as well as introducing the new KRKs located in Gilbert Studios B and C until September 3rd when Casey Young will be hosting an event. Next, CRAS Graduate Brandon Olsberg came in to guest speak to students. Brandon works in Post-Production at Roundabout Entertainment and gave current students insight as to how to succeed in their internships and the real world, followed by a Q & A. Following the Guest Speaker, AES officer Cole Brunson delivered updates on continuous internship opportunities in live sound such as Trunkspace, Nitro Band, and Foothills Community Church. Next AES officer Peter Popczynski reviewed last cycle's events such as the event with Reftone Speakers and their founder Lisa and her partner and Baltu Studio's Peter Costa on physics and sound in VR and game audio. Next, Peter P went over upcoming events such as the event with WAVES Audio and a Ribbon Microphone Build for $200- at least 10 people are needed. Students were also told to look for upcoming clinics with dates TBD such as Scott Murray's Synth Clinic, O.G.'s Vinyl Clinic, and an LED/Audio/Video demonstration with a CRAS Grad. Verbal announcements were transitioned into a 10 minute break out of the newest installment to our chapter, AES Subgroups (Music Production/DAWs headed by Cole Brunson, Tech headed by Peter Popczynski, Live Sound headed by Brannon Dillon, Sound Design headed by Clay Westing, Audio Business headed by Anthony "Q" Quinones) to discuss upcoming plans and topics pertaining to their groups. Following the breakout, the Group Leaders each gave a short speech to the collective summarizing the night's breakout. As a pre-introduction to Sam Beckley's Drum Triggering Clinic on Thursday, August 22nd, Peter G showed a youtube video titled "A 'Proper' Explanation of Drum Triggers and led a brief discussion about what to expect. Peter then gave his closing thoughts and again welcomed the new students before ending the meeting with a Music Production 100 Kahoot with candy prizes

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