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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - June 14, 2019

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CRAS students had a chance to win a Warm Audio WA73-EQ Preamp Raffle for just $10 bucks with all proceeds going to our student section of AES.

From Warm Audio: The WA73-EQ is a "Desert Island" boutique preamp, but it can also be classified as a studio and live work-horse. Classic '73-style preamps are known for being versatile tools that work with all kinds of microphones from Condenser, to Dynamic, to Ribbon. The WA73-EQ equally shines on all types of microphones and sources including; vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion, orchestras, keyboards, and even as a tone shaping tool to run partial or complete mixes through. With 80dB of gain and a fully discrete Carnhill Transformer balanced signal path, there's no recording, mixing or engineering task that the WA73-EQ can't handle.

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