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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 22, 2019

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The mentorship department kicked off the meeting with a discussion of upcoming review events. At 8:00 PM tonight there is the second part of their Protools Tier 1 review, Tier 4 Protools review is tomorrow night, and their Saturday session is this Saturday at 7PM. They will also be tracking sessions in Neotek and SSL, and there will be a surround sound mixing session in the S6 - everyone is welcome. David Kohr then introduced AES, what we do (guest speakers, contests, raffles, sessions) and talked about the benefits of having an AES membership. AES is the Audio Engineering Society, their mission is to bring people together to promote the science and practice of pro audio. our student section of AES is not about the companies and people that visit us, it is about what they talk about - how their tech works, demonstrate their products, it is not about companies simply making sales pitches to our students. David spoke about the benefits of being a part of AES, and encouraged students to join before they leave CRAS so they can network with industry professionals wherever they go for their internships; LA, NY, Nashvile, Etc.. We explored and the information provided to us as a student section. We discussed local organizations, how to reach out to them, and the kinds of events that we can do with them. We then discussed builds (we are planning to do a ribbon microphone build in September) Austin Ribbon Microphone Kits - . David also showed us the CRAS Youtube channel which includes videos from previous events at CRAS.
An important item for discussion was that we want to restructure our Monday night meetings, so the floor was opened to suggestions from the attendees. What topics do we want to focus on? Some ideas included having a weekly discussion topic and setting aside time at each meeting to watch a video, discuss, and share our thoughts. Another idea was having "mixing contests" where students would all mix the same song and compare, or students can bring in their own creations and help each other improve their mixes. Next week we will begin introducing discussion topics to our Monday night meetings, more details will follow. David then closed the meeting and thanked the attendees for coming.

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