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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 7, 2019

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On February 7, 2019, Rode Microphones' representative and CRAS Grad Ryan White and CRAS AES officers held an event in the CRAS live sound venue for students to hear Mr. White demo a selection of Rode microphones using some of our own students as musicians.
Since 1990, Rode Microphones has become one of the most well known microphone manufacturers across the globe. They have established themselves as such partially by sending product specialists like Mr. White to travel the world to showcase their impressively cohesive line up of microphones. While visiting CRAS, Mr. White used multiple types of microphones including:
• S1 , a Live Performance vocal Condenser
• NT5 (stereo pair), a compact 1/2" Cardioid Condensers
• NTR , an Active Ribbon w/ internal shockmount
• M1 , a Live Performance Dynamic
As the session got underway, Mr. White gathered everyone in the CRAS live sound
room to explain the differences of each microphone and decide which microphones should be used for which instrument. For demoing purposes, the AES Officers arranged Sara Mullis and Blake Applebaum, two Cycle 1 students, to help Mr. White showcase the microphones. Sara Mullis played her Breedlove acoustic guitar and also sang vocals as she performed. Blake Applebaum played acoustic guitar for the event as well. Mr. White also narrated a brief history of Rode, and engaged students in their knowledge of microphones asking and answering any questions presented. Shortly following this overview, setup ensued.
Students with the help of Mr. White placed mics into proper position. Mr. White decided to use a micing technique taught to him by one of CRAS' very own instructors, John Ellis, who was present at the event. Once the setup was completed Blake Applebaum took to the stage to start the first round of demoing, followed by Sara Mullis.
During and in between the students performances, Mr. White explained the sound that was heard and related it back to the microphone chosen for that instrument. As the session continued, this soon turned into a quick succession for each of the microphones chosen, as Mr. White A/B'd each microphone to demonstrate the sonic differences between each microphone. Mr. White utilized various micing techniques and varying microphone choices to explain the different applications that Rode microphones can be used in, and in all the different ways they can be used to capture a slightly different tone from the acoustic guitar. The event concluded with a microphone giveaway and a group picture with everyone present.

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