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Indiana University - September 11, 2017

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The Audio Engineering Department at IU is blessed with amazing professors who have vast experience working in all aspects of audio. Their non-academic work encompasses a huge section of the audio industry, from owning studios, to running live sound, to working in sound design for video games. AES wanted to take advantage of the knowledge we have at hand by hosting a "Faculty Discussion Day" on September 11. On this day, students could freely ask our professors questions about their career trajectories, and get advice on how to be successful in the audio business. Some topics included how to be a quality intern, what a student fresh out of college should do, and what non-audio skills a persons need to have to be a good engineer. Six professors and about 25 students had this conversation, which turned into a great opportunity to learn about topics that are difficult to discuss in class. AES wants to especially thank Jamie Tagg, Kyle Knickerbocker, Jake Belser, Mark Hood, and Michael Stucker for donating their time to speak with students. We're looking forward to the next collaboration with our amazing professors!

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