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Swiss - May 19, 2016

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Stefan Ledergerber (Simplexity) and Marc Straehl (SLG Broadcast) gave presentations concerning the
state of the art on AV Networking for the broadcast industry in particular, as well as for the AV industry
in general.
Network systems are not exactly new to the AV world but the usual problem of different proprietary
systems does not make life easy for the systems engineer and installer. One would think that the audio
industry would have learned it's lesson by now and tried to avoid format wars but this is still not the
case. Life is further complicated by the fact that video and control systems often have to be integrated
into the overall network and this can have broadcast applications as well as for fixed installations and
live events.
A positive side is that the main proponents of networks such as Ravenna, Dante, AVB et al, now seem
to recognise that interoperability is key to system design and offer various 'bridge components' to allow
different systems to communicate with each other and transmit data. It is to be hoped that it is no longer
a question of which system will be the 'winner' but how systems can be integrated on a common
platform. Interesting moves in this direction are represented by AES 67 and AES 70, AOC and SMPTE
technical groups.
A good cross-section of the Swiss AV industry - both users and providers - made up the audience and
lively discussions were in order at the time-honoured 'apéro' and continued afterwards at the optional
The AES Swiss Section was pleased to find a new venue in Bern for meetings with the Hotel Bristol
and warm thanks are in order to SLG Broadcast AG for their sponsorship of the apéro.

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