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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 7, 2017

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When considering how to form a career, students are often tasked with getting an
education, finding the proper tutelage, and of course creating an opportunity for
themselves. While this path may be different for everyone the topic of discussion on this
night was centered around one man's experiences. Jared Kvitka, regaled all in
attendance with his stories and experiences. He stressed the importance of education,
strategy, and work ethic.
True, a big portion of success is putting yourself in the proper position to succeed.
However, the value of opportunity cannot be understated. This was a theme throughout
Kvitka's life path. In fact, his first internship was acquired by negotiating with a studio
owner in a bar. This was all apart of a grander strategy. Kvita's decision to attend
college in New Orleans was partially based on the off chance that he would work for this
exact studio. While studying music and business may not be the ideal background for a
prospective job in the studio this was hardly a hinderance for Kvita.
Despite knowing little of the technical side of a studio at the time there was still no
excuse for a bad performance. According to Kvitka, diligence in your work is key. It
shows you can manage task given to you even if they seem mundane. Few would
disagree, however, many learn this lesson the hard way. Seeing how this philosophy
applied to the speaker's success served as a stark reminder for those in need of it.
Still, work ethic would be nothing without a good attitude. When being in the studio ,
says Jared, you must "Vibe, and not make people uncomfortable when you're around."
That is to say that your presence as an intern, as an engineer, or even as a producer
must not distract from the project. How you approach challenges could set the tone for
your career. Maintaining a level head and perspective on the situation is key. Again, this
may seem commonplace but enacting such values can be easier said then done.

This presentation provided students with a real world context of how their choices and
behavior can impact their career. It served as a reminder that certain things are always
within our control and even if one is not in the best position to succeed strides can be
made in place of experience. With proper etiquette and approach, opportunities will
come. It is on the individual to make the sacrifices need to say yes to these
opportunities and perform those duties to the best of their ability.

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