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Argentina - July 24, 2017

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MONDAY, JULY 24th 2017.-

After a welcoming and a short introduction to the keynote by Indio Gauvron, former AES Argentina Chairman as well as current teacher at the Instituto de Sonido ECOS, we had the chance to plunge into the world of this instrument so popular in Argentina for a lecture surpassing ninety minutes. Gonzalo Manco, recording engineer and researcher, delivered an in-depth view of the building characteristics of the bandoneon, its sound and execution, its register and dynamic range through pictures and sounds captured by him at the studio.
His speech went on to discuss the various recording techniques he himself had the chance to use inside the recording room: guidelines for picking the right microphones and the comparative analysis of the different transducers through their sound and their position in reference to the instrument. Alternatives and combined recording techniques were also approached.
The audience was able to interact with Manco continuously while elaborating and interchanging ideas and questions.
Lastly, Juan "Cana" San Martín, current Chairman of the Argentinian Section, closed the keynote by promoting and inviting everyone to the coming local activities.
The Audio Engineering Society Argentina would like to thank everybody who attended and most especially Mr. Adrián Rallap, Director of Instituto de Sonido ECOS, as well as his team, and also thank Gonzalo Manco for his generosity as well as for sharing his knowledge and experiences with us.

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