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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - April 23, 2017

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Welcome the 1st Cyclers!
Welcome in new AES Leadership!

AES Logistics:
Waves Diamond Plug-In Bundle (max 5 per person, $10 each)

Updates To Future events:
STUDIO 5-13 tour! Thursday May 4th 8pm, 10 slots available
Ableton is holding an event next Thursday 4/27 at Scottsdale Community College that is open to the public!

Jeff Thomas is looking for help in future weekends to build out this studio! He is able to sign internship hours. Please let us know through this email. =D
Wet Electric - Email Keith! Wednesday 26th 2017

Event Ideas:
Possible Re-amp clinic with Jeff Harris
-$32 each - 25 kits no date yet.
Acoustic Design - Alexander Otto, look into contacting for a future event.
Tony Nunez- knows the Head of Empirical Labs. Contact Tony to see if we can get a demo in the future about the workings/design choices for their plug-ins.
Brad Wood - Works for "Rupert Neve Designs", look into contacting for an event.

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