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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - April 3, 2017

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AES Logistics
We have decided that whoever wants to do the microphone build should go ahead and order their build kits. Then, we will regroup with Jeff Thomas to do the build on a weekend.

Jeff Harris will order enough reamp kits for 25 people, then have a sign up page on Crasconnect

The AES chairholders are calling for new office holders and stepping down this cycle!

Updates to future events
April 13 — Guitar tech clinic with Dave LaBounty
May 4 — Possible tour of Fivethirteen Recording

Michael Nitro gigs:
Friday, 4/7 — Hideaway, Cave Creek, load in 5:15pm, 2 interns
Saturday, 4/8 — Roadhouse, Cave Creek, load in 6pm, 4 interns

Event Ideas
Alex Otto — acoustics expert, designed Gerald Schoenherr's studio -- have his talk about basics of acoustic treatment

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