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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 16, 2017

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The SSL mobile recording truck came to the Tempe campus and parked next to the CRAS mobile broadcast truck, outside of the Tempe SSL AWS studios so that the studios can be connected for the Facebook live broadcast. The signal flow was quite the feat! The CRAS studio room fed both the CRAS AWS control rooms, one of which held an afternoon class with Tony Nunes. The analog signal was then converted into digital MADI and fed first into the CRAS truck. Then, from the CRAS truck the AWS in the SSL truck was fed a signal in DANTE protocol from the CRAS truck.

In addition to the signal from the studio, there were communication channels so the director can talk to all of the camera operators during the broadcast. The video signal from the cameras were fed to the CRAS truck, where it was broadcast to Facebook. Four student volunteers in the morning helped set up and get ready for the broadcast, and four volunteers in the afternoon manned the camera positions.

The live broadcast started at 4PM Arizona time sharp. The broadcast opened with Mike Jones introducing Marc and Dan from SSL. Mike and Tony spoke about the session happening in the studio, then Mike walked to the studio with Tony, Marc, and Dan. They discussed the miking choice and techniques of the instruments in the studio. Then, they walked to the SSL truck to discuss their AWS console as well as the monitoring setup.

Finally, the musicians began playing together. All of the cameras were fixated on their performance, with multiple angles on every performer. During this time, Tony was with his afternoon class, teaching them about the AWS console as well as tracking techniques using outboard gear in the studio.

The broadcast closed with a closeup of the CRAS logo and fade to black. We thank Marc, Dan, and SSL for the successful broadcast event!

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