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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - December 12, 2016

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AES Logistics
This is the last AES meeting of 2016! Meeting started at 8pm.

Updates to future events
Gerald Schnoenherr's studio post-build - Pre-build talk with Alex Otto was very illuminating. Will follow-up for the post-build
NAMM - We are still accepting names for the waitlist, please keep emailing if interested.
January 12 - Dave Kalberg would like to have a showcase for his new game app. More details to come in 2017!
Remix contest - Submissions pushed to after Christmas break. Winner can be featured on CRASCast podcast!
Drum tech clinic - CJ has gotten the OK. Need to pick a date and book a studio.
Auralex - A representative from Auralex Acoustics will be coming by CRAS in January!

Internship Opportunities
Friday, December 23 - Michael Nitro gig at Steel Horse, load in at 6PM
Saturday, December 31 - New Years Eve Michael Nitro gig at Kimmyz Tatum Pointe, load in at 6PM

Study technique workshop - Share with one another how we prepare for tests, proficiencies, etc.

Have a great Holiday break!

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