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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - November 14, 2016

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AES Logistics
Meeting started on time at 8pm, since this is the new cycle, we went around and introduced ourselves. We had a number of 1st cyclers, so we're happy to welcome them!

Nitro Band - Gig this Friday at Steel Horse on 19th Ave and W Bell Rd, Phoenix. Load time is at 6pm, ending 1am and they need up to 6 interns.

Updates to future events
Pro Tools clinic is POSTPONED - future rescheduled to be announced!
Mojave / BAE clinic is on November 29th - 8pm Gilbert Studio B
Mic build - December 8th - 8pm - but your kit for $20 at the front desk of either campus
Remix context - The remix submissions due date aiming for December 15th
Women's Speaker event - December 2nd 8pm Live Sound Room

Ideas for builds:
Stereo DI and advanced soldering clinic with Jim Bender - need to follow up
Spring reverb build - who would be a good contact for it? Perhaps Jeff Harris
Distortion / boost pedal build - Kevin Strange is interested in finding a build for the clinic

Ideas for clinics:
Modular synth clinic - connect with Scott Murray
Guitar tech clinic - need follow up from Dave LaBounty
Radio Broadcast clinic - Yochanan may have contacts. Brock, Cory, Zack likely has contacts
Game audio app showcase with Dave K
Making a bedroom studio sound good - Smaart demo with Cathrine at Fivethirteen?

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