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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - October 31, 2016

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We began the meeting at 8pm. We had a low turnout, which is likely due to Halloween festivities. Since we had three first cyclers, we discussed pointers to look out for as they advance through the cycles.

We had some issues with no-shows with interns—please communicate if you cannot make an event! Best case scenario is you communicate with AES and/or the event coordinator with a replacement. No-shows affect your personal reputation, access to events in the future, and the reputation of CRAS AES as an organization!

AZ Pro Audio ( was happy with CRAS interns at the Trinidad, 50 Cent, Tech 9 concert. We will connect with them again for opportunities!

Upcoming events:
Mojave Mic / BAE Audio event is coming up on November 29th - Ask Dave Kohr about instruments - Nico could run the board?
All Women's event has been moved to December 2nd - we have about 4 women CRAS grads and 3 instructors—there will be pizza!
Dave K is unavailable on Nov 3rd - unfortunately that was our last chance this year, so game audio will have to take place in 2017
November 3rd could be just hands-on time in the studio
We could record the interviews Neil wants to do - send Neil's email in the newsletter
Pro Tools clinic is happening with Phil on November 17th!
Tips, tricks, things they don't teach you in class

Art of mixing - "Elements of a great sounding song"
Ryan Bruce - gear review YouTuber
Put together a knowledge base of resources? - List of great websites, organizations, magazines, etc.
Mastering clinic - invite Gentry back (Epicenter Mastering)?
NAMM convention? - talk to Dave Kohr about student discount

We had a great discussion for a while about CRAS life and post-CRAS life, and the meeting officially adjourned at 9:40PM!

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