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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - October 24, 2016

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Meeting began at our usual 8pm time. Many first cyclers joined us! We went around and introduced ourselves. Many were re-introductions, but lots of new faces!

CRAS AES is the most active student organization, but we want to boost membership. We want to change that by making sure people get signed up! Niko noted that by going to the AES convention, he was offered two internship opportunities. As Niko says: "It works".

We explained how internship opportunities come up in the AES meetings. Internship opportunities are great for real world experiences, as well as networking opportunities! For example Nitro band is a very good gig to get involved with.

First cyclers are already interested in certifications. There's some confusion in how it works exactly. It's recommended that you budget your schedule wisely, so you can hit the ones you want. Also, go to the bootcamps!

CJ mentioned that if you play an instrument, sing, rap, etc sign up for the musician database! Many of us are musicians, and it'll be great for us to express our creativity as well as the technical side of CRAS.

Event Ideas

Josh - Build something other than mics? - Jeff Thomas left, but Jeff Harris might be interested, will talk to him

Remixing contest - CJ will collect them - The samples will be due to CJ by next Monday. Winner could be featured on Neil's podcast and/ or on crasconnect.

Justin - Tape splice clinic - Neight Hardmann, Bobby Fraisier, or Dave LeBounty may be good candidates

Neil - Wants to start CRAS Podcast
Also, Neil needs people to read his script as well as edit the recording

Jazz - Advanced soldering bootcamp? - Jim Bender may be a good candidate

Jess - Reamp and DI build clinic - Jim Bender would again be a good person to talk to

Joey - Synthesizer clinic - Talk to Scott Murray, Bobby Fraisier, and/or Dave LeBounty

Joey is still looking for vocalists to collaborate with

Ryan and CJ - CJ invited concert promoter Mike Zemier (Third String Productions) to come and speak about his experiences

The meeting adjourned approximately 9:20pm, but many of us stayed to share our experiences with the first cyclers. Great to see new faces so engaged, we look forward to future meetings and events!

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