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Argentina - August 17, 2016

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On August 17th 2016 the Argentinian Section of the Audio Engineering Society along with Tabia's Sound hosted the seminar "Sound System Calibration and Point Source System Design" as part of the series of "Live Sound Seminars" which are thoroughly organized by AES Argentina. The goal of these meetings is to provide new tools both to beginners and professionals, and this opportunity has been no exception. A crowded room was the stage for a warm debate about calibration and design techniques, choice of components and geometry, and even questioning different acoustical measurement criteria and prediction parameters.

The day started with an explanation of the physical phenomena involved in the propagation of acoustical signals for point source and multiple sources with a special emphasis in waveguides and the directionality patterns of different sources. Juan "Cana" San Martín (Chariman of AES Argentina) and Juan Pablo Recio (JPR Técnica Para Espectáculos) were in charge of this presentation. They were followed by Federico Acosta (Tabia's Sound) and his lecture about point source system design, who delved into prediction systems using the Thiele-Small parameters and the perception of the source-room combination and all the components involved.

The closing of this seminar was of a pragmatic nature with several in-situ measurements, leaving plenty of time left for Q&A with the audience, who shared their own knowledge and ideas.
We're most pleased in these synergies and hope to repeat these types of events soon.

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