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Argentina - May 12, 2016

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For the fourth year in a row the AES Argentina Section was present during the "Semana Del Sonido 2016" (Week of Sound 2016) in the city of Rosario between May 9th and 13th. As in previous occasions we had a full day to offer the audience an important and eclectic palette of topics including developments, improvements, measurements, acoustics, artistic production and a 'round table' with renowned local figures.
The day started off with the presentation of research work done by the AES-ECOS Student Section, featuring students Juan Duarte, Francisco Perez and Matias Maruzza, and led by Andrea Farina and Indio Gauvron. The main subjects discussed were the implementation, design, development, creation and measurements of a portable anechoic chamber for specific acoustic measurement purposes. Pablo Formica followed AES-ECOS with a topic from his own specific experience: "Independent Music Production". His approach ranged from a historical vision to today's preproduction as one of the most important steps in a musical project and then onto the production itself.
Later on our chairman 'Cana' San Martin and Ezequiel Morfi captivated us with a sneak peek through the back door of audio plug-ins with a broad, thorough and dedicated as well as entertaining talk: "Behind The Plugins". This included the live programming of a VST processor with a picture of the audience embedded in the graphical interface or GUI as an evidence of the event. Right next to this came a presentation that joined three of the greatest referents in Argentina regarding concert hall acoustics: Gustavo Basso, Ianina Canalis and Andrea Farina. Their speech "Evaluation of Music halls; Acoustic Measurements of El Circulo de Rosario" was a meticulous analysis of the importance of objective acoustic measurements in music halls and its comparison with subjective surveys.
As the closing point renowned engineer Federico Miyara and all the aforementioned got together for a 'round table' purposely entitled "I Beg To Differ" through which certain topics were brought up for a discussion that allowed for audience participation. The aim here was to understand that the same results can be achieved through several different approaches, processes, procedures, guides, references.
All in all it was full day with an abundance of audience participation, exchange of ideas and knowledge and most importantly the renewal of spirit to seek higher standards in our professional performance. We're looking forward to our next meeting in 2017.

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