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Berklee Valencia - November 4, 2015

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Scoring Student Meet-up with Music Production Technology & Innovation students
Meeting in the AKSS studio - social event, brainstorm ideas including the short film festival (could be featured on Berklee Valencia YouTube page & also during En Vivo concert) - plan now but work on in the new semester
Listening Sessions continue every Thursday

Look for Undergrads
Mix classes: 4-6pm on Thursdays, 1-3pm on Fridays
Virtual Programming: 4pm on Tuesdays
Ableton Classes: Thursday at 11am, Friday at 10am

Confirm Ian's Guerrilla Recording event - 28th of November?
Also discuss possible tour of the Palau
Reach out to Mandy Parnell about Skype Session in early December

AES General group meeting: Wednesday the 18th at 1pm

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