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Universidad de San Buenaventura - September 1, 2014

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On Monday 1 September was held the end of the first recording and mixing competition organized by the sectional AES San Buenaventura. Between the jurors were Francisco 'Kiko' Castro (engineer winner of a Latin Grammy sound, he has worked with artists such as Jorge Celedon, Doctor Krápula, Carlos Vives, among others), Steffano Pizzaia (engineer founder of Sound Epia recording Studios where he has worked for artists like Cony Camelo, Eduardo Cabas, Idol Colombia, among others) and Yizux Chacón (engineer and music producer with studies in Argentina, founder of Impulse Productions, has worked with artists such as Andrea Echeverri and others).

The call for the competition was open for a month, and we received 11 different jobs in 3 categories framed by the global criteria used in all AES Recording competitions: Traditional Acoustic Recording, block recording, and recording studio. Due to the amount of work received the jurors were asked to rate the work globally, outside the frames of the categories.

Prior to the scheduled appointment for the awards ceremony, jurors received a cd with the 11 papers submitted so each one of them could appreciate in their own studios the work received and have their own free judgment about external technical considerations. All audios were leveled under the standard ITU-R BS.1770-3 to likewise maintain homogeneity in listening outside impressions caused by the loudness level of the material.

In the final of the competition, jurors and public heard in the auditorium the last minute of each work to contextualize the content of the contest and later, a private discussion among the jurors was conducted to define a first, second and third place and two honorable mentions in the contestants.

The jurors chose the work of Marlon Sandoval and Sebastián Ramírez, Pedro González and Franco Tamasco, Gabriel Rodríguez and Ana Ochoa in the first second and third place, respectively. SoundLogics, gave the first place of the competition a Mogami serie Silver wire, a Marshall Electronics pop filter, a set of Primacoustic monitors pads and a 15% discount for SSL products, radial Mogami, MXL y Adam Audio, all of the brands previously mentioned are represented by Soundogics. For the second place, Quantica Music One of the best equipped studios in the country gave a mixing session in their facilities, and for the third place, SoundLogics awarded a bonus of 100,000 pesos discount in Beyerdynamic headphones. Also, Pro Audio Boutique donated a microphone 12 Gauge Blue, Green and Red for each respective step of the podium.

This is the first time the event was made within the faculty, fully managed by the committee AES San Buenaventura, who wishes to express his appreciation to the jurors for their attention and willingness to be part of the event, SoundLogics, Quantica Music and Boutique Pro Audio for selflessly supporting such initiatives for educational purposes and each of the participants to put their efforts and talent in the development of each project.

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