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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 10, 2014

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Tonight our students had a view into their future in audio. CRAS Graduate, and former AES president Colby Peterson, via Skype, gave us a summary of his experiences and perspective both in, and out of the Conservatory, live from Nashville Tennessee. Colby provided the student body with a unique insight to life after CRAS.
A few of the topics covered were; The importance of time management, Maintaining a professional rapport with studio managers, clientele, and Venue owners alike, and planning ahead for some of the unexpected obstacles that could potentially make or break a career. Colby also opened our minds to another aspect of our profession, after letting us know he had began to pursue booking for some of the acts he is currently working with.
After an informative presentation, our student's then had the opportunity to ask Colby questions about his journey, and get their minds thinking on how to write their own success story.

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