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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - May 8, 2014

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Today, at CRAS, Mark Brisbane gave the students, a great, informative presentation on the concept of scoring music for films. He began the presentation by giving us a short story of his background and how he learned to score music, people that he has worked with, what he did to get in the position that he is in now, and his networking experiences. He did a great job painting a picture and putting us in perspective and how to succeed in this part of the industry. Mark gave us great networking tips and how to reach people who can put you in a convenient position to be hired and to succeed. He even went a little into music theory, and how different melodies, rhythms, and instruments effect the mood of the film.
Mark continued by showing the students a video on the projector of a composer name Klaus Badelt. The video showed how Klaus has worked on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. Klaus gave a brief description of his process while scoring music and showed us how fast pace and intense the industry is. As the video played, Mark paused the video once every few minutes to elaborate some of the things being explained in the video.
He continued his presentation by explaining to the students about the process of scoring music for films starting with watching the film for the first time and coming up with a melody for a scene in a movie. He showed us some logic sessions of other composers on the projector and explained the process that was taking place along the song by muting and soloing tracks and elaborating. He explained that there are many different ways of scoring music for films.
Next, Mark gave the student a list of tools that are used in scoring music. He started out by giving examples of things not to use and types of instruments that wouldn't be used in certain types of scoring.
Mark ended his presentation by showing us a few more videos of popular libraries that are being used in the industry. Overall, a great informative presentation by one of our instructors, Mark Brisbane. Thanks to the staff, the students of CRAS had another educational experience at CRAS.

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