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Japan - August 23, 2013

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It is the fourth annual seminar which has been planned to held annually since 2010.
By adding a Digital Signal Processing class this year, the seminar has been completed as a summer school which covers most of areas on acoustics and audio technologies. The seminar consists of 12 classes, in which professionals give lectures which should be usually learned in universities as a special knowledge expertise.
A total of 58 people attended the seminar, and 16 people joined AES this time.
•The titles of the lectures on the second day were as follows. ?
[2nd day] 9:00 — 17:45, August 23rd

Lecture Room 1
-3.0h : Loudspeaker (Shinji Koyano)?-2.0h : Microphone (Kazuho Ono)
-2.5h : History and Future of technology for Loudspeakers, Room Acoustics, Microphones and Recording.
(Shinji Koyano, Toshiko Fukuchi, Masataka Nakahara, Kazuho Ono and Toru Kamekawa)

Lecture Room 2
-2.5h : Digital Audio (Dai Kikuchi)
-3.0h : Digital Signal Processing Hisaharu Suzuki)

Studio B
-3.0h : Stereophonic Recording (Toru Kamekawa)

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