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Argentina - August 23, 2013

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Daniel Sinnewald - Indio Gauvron: "Transmission lines in audio: myths and legends"

The Laboratory for Acoustics and Electroacoustics LACEAC from the Engineering College at the University of Buenos Aires and the AES Argentina Section put on a full speech on the concepts for physical, electronic and electrical behavior of cables and transmission lines for audio. Research works and measurements held in the Laboratory were presented to discriminate the different phenomena affecting the lines' behavior and to clarify to which extent the final result is really useful.

Martin Sznaider: "Recording large shows"

Thru his experience recording massive concerts in the past, Martin Sznaider, owner of the mobile recording studio OCHO/DIEZ, threw on a different perspective for the concept of a 'large show' and tried to bring back the attention to the planning, commitment and respect to the artist' performance by focusing on the importance of capturing this once-in-a-lifetime event rather than the number of audio channels or recorded tracks to be used. His speech was adorned by actual examples of his work in various famous stages around the country.

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