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Argentina - August 21, 2013

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Xavier Metzger: "Patented Technologies for the use of high end studio monitors"

Xavier Metzger, FOCAL Sales Manager along with +4 Audio Video and the AES Argentina Section offered a brief seminar about the technologies developed by the French company for professional quality studio monitors FOCAL, providing an insight of the manufacture of high performance woofers and tweeters. Comparisons were drawn among the rigidness of the materials, and an audible test of the different woofers' cones and tweeters' domes was done with the aid of various tuning forks made of different pure metals (Aluminum, Titanium and Beryllium).

Oscar Bonello, Ricardo Sidoti, Alex Bonello, Sebastián Ledesma and Nicolás Echave: "Digital psychoacoustic processing for sound and transmission AoIP through data networks"

Solidyne along with the Society of Acoustics in Argentina and the AES Argentina Section delivered a presentation on this topic by analyzing the conditions for audible perception of distortion in 16 and 24 bit converters. The advantages of working with audio transmission thru Ethernet by employing the AoIP protocol as per AVB and the IEEE normalization were emphasized, as were the benefits of controlling a broadcast audio console thru a LAN network by means of different virtual desks running inside a PC, as provided by a new technology developed in Argentina.

Gustavo Baldrati and Indio Gauvron: "The producer — musician -- engineer relationship"

This presentation main focus was on the interaction between the music producer and the recording engineer, coming from both the world of art and of technology. Different tracks were played in the room and their mix sessions opened up for discussion, with music genres being electro tango, EDM, ballads, and orchestral. The formal and harmonic analysis of these works followed. The notion of a "team" as opposed to the view of two independent individuals of artistic or technical virtuosism served for a conclusion.

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