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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - October 10, 2013

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At tonights meeting we had the honor of hosting a CRAS Graduates panel. Students were given the opportunity to hear about the journeys 4 CRAS graduates went through to get to where they are today. We had Andrew Monhiem from Manley Labs, William Anspach from Eastwest Studio, Eric Rennaker from Bedrock LA, & Brian Stubblefield from Jelly Beans Audio come in to speak to CRAS students. Each of these graduates explained where they started after leaving CRAS and all the steps they had to go through to help bring them to the top. After working hard for years and learning along the way they all found their homes and were able to get their dream jobs in the industry that started off at CRAS. The musicians these guys worked for range from Alice Cooper & Slayer all the way to Justin Beiber & Jordan Sparks, some of the biggest musicians with such a wide range of genres! Each graduate also explained some of the mistakes they made in their career and gave students advice to help them be the best engineer they can be. Some advice graduate Andrew Monheim said is to experience as much gear as you can, if you can rent new gear and just play around with it so you can get used to troubleshooting and working with new equipment. William Anspach also advised students to always be courteous and take care of your clients and engineers while you're an intern. Another great piece of advice William & Andrew said was to always communicate, but in order to set yourself as a professional talk to people on the phone, don't text or email and always have questions ready. One of the key things Brian Stubblefield said was to talk through your mixes, and as you talk through it you will help your mix come to life! Eric Rennaker told students it's always great to do pre-production, and you always should have a plan and confidence when walking into a session. After learning about these graduates and their journeys we then opened the floor to a Q&A. Students asked the Grad's how it was working with some of the biggest musicians they've met, how they go about there daily day & how they deal with their daily stress. Overall the night was very informative and so much fun for both the CRAS grads and the students who attended!

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