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Indiana University - September 9, 2013

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We encouraged everyone to join the AES!
Mark Rubel will hold a session at Echo Park Studios on September 23rd. It will be interesting and a great networking opportunity.
We will create and sell a chapter T-Shirt, which will cost about $10-$12. The money will go towards future trips, events, food and more fundraising.
There will be a mixing competition held by our chapter. Everyone will mix the same session. The competition will open on October 1st and the prizes will be contributed by Sweetwater.
We asked for ideas from the students, and Kevin Weinberg suggested to create an EP/Album with Recording Arts people. We could record it at FarmFresh for $150 a day, which would include tape. We could make the music ourselves. Kevin will send out an email.
Finally we talked about organizational things for the upcoming New York convention, that a group of students form our chapter will attend.

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