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Argentina - August 20, 2013

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Conferences, lectures, seminars, roundtables, workshops, shows and exhibitions; all will be a part of Semana Del Sonido ("Week of Sound"), to take place for the very first time in Argentina thru August 20th to 24th 2013 at Teatro Argentino de La Plata, providing a space to debate the multiple issues pertaining to sound and quality of life.

With former editions held in Europe and in America, Semana del Sonido now reaches Buenos Aires through the joint efforts of the French Embassy in Argentina, Teatro Argentino de La Plata (under the Cultural Institute of the Province of Buenos Aires), the Scientific Research Commission of the Province of Buenos Aires (CIC), Fundación de Teatro Argentino, La Plata National University, Quilmes National University, Lanús National University, the Argentine Acoustical Association and the Audio Engineering Society - Argentina Section.

The main goal of the Week is to highlight the importance of the sound environment in everyday life and meditate on the impact of sound on our quality of life.
Each day will be dedicated to different topics: Sound and Science / Acoustics / Technology, Sound and Society / Cities of Latin America / Education / Legislation, Sound and Health / Public Health / Hearing Health / Education, Sound and Art / Music / Film / Television / Conclusions and closing.

In addition to many of the leading specialists in acoustics, sound and music from our country, many foreign renowned experts will participate in the convention, including Christian Hugonnet (sound engineer and acoustic specialist involved in the organization of the French edition for Semana del Sonido), Daniel Teruggi (Argentinian composer currently living in France and one of the most admired writers of electroacoustic, experimental and avant-garde music), Dinara Paixão (head of the Brazilian Society of Acoustics) and Elizabeth González Fernández (expert on noise pollution from Uruguay).

Many editions of Semana Del Sonido have been celebrated in France since 2004 in order to set a stage for dialogue and education on the various issues related to sound, following a transversal approach that includes among its axis the different cultural, scientific, technical, industrial, environmental, educational and economic aspects. Since 2010, different 'Weeks Of Sound' have taken place in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Mexico and Colombia. In each country local issues regarding the universe of sound are specifically considered, which is why this August' Semana Del Sonido in La Plata will address the subject "Sound and Sound Violence".
This is an opportunity for those whose work revolves around sound — scientists, musicians, sound engineers, instrument makers, sociologists, educators, phonoaudiologist -- to meet up with the rest of a community that utilizes, and feeds upon all the sounds in their daily lives, enjoying and suffering without even fully knowing them. It is a non-profit social and academic exchange that seeks to promote awareness about the sound environment and the importance of sound in our relationship with others and with the world, focusing on the fields of culture, science, art, medicine, the environment, the education, the economics and the social, as well as technology and industry. It is also an invitation to better interpret the communication that goes on in our society.

The complete schedule of activities, which in all cases is of free access, is available at

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