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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 4, 2013

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9 students signed up for a great experience and the chance to add a piece of handmade gear to their personal collection by building a tube optical compressor that's similar to the LA2A. The students showed up at 10:00 a.m to begin the process of a very complex build. Each student were presented with a bag of transformers, conductors, resistors, capacitors, wiring, screws, nuts and bolts and were giving step by step instructions by Mr. Jeff Thomas who also gave them links to color coded diagrams and original manuals that were uploaded to the CRAS server and stored under AES. The cost of the build for each student was $850.00 about 1/4 of the total cost to purchase the compressor already assembled and well worth it, not just for the gear but for the experience of assembling one themselves.

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