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Central German - February 6, 2006

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25 members and guests of the Central German Section and the University of Darmstadt Student Section met ant the University of Darmstast on February 6, to hear guest speaker, Professor Sessler, talk about his reserch and development in the area of miniature microphones. Sessler, who has served for several years als faculty advisor to the University of Darmstadt Student Section, spoke about some recent scientific work now going on at the Insitute for Electro Acoustics. He explaines the technology of miniature microphones and how it is applied in mobile phones, PCs, and ohter Technichal equipment.
Voelker, chair of the Central German Section, instroduced the new section chair, Martin Schneider, and vice chair, Philipp Richter. The mew officers greeted student members and talked about some of the activities planned for the student section. They also discussed hosting meetings on microphones and loudspeakers as well as digital recording technique.
Voelker talked about worldwide activities in which the AES is engaged, particularly involving students in AES converntions and meetings. Voelker and Teuber reported on the AES meeting in Wismar at the University of Science, Design and Technology. Some members and guests attended a seminar Voelker gave on sound systems and room acoustical conditions. The talk included measurement demonstrations of reverberation time, speech intelligibility, impulse responses, delays, and touched on defect in room acoustical or sound system design. Voelker also reported on court cases dealing with building defects and stressed the importance of hiring excellent consulting engineers who are highly educated.

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