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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - June 12, 2013

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The discussion of consoles came about, and we were deciding on which board
would be a great board for tracking, and a good board that can be modded.
We got the go ahead on the La2a build, the school is building their very own. or otherwise known as a tube optical compressor. Each kit will cost 850 dollars. The students who are attending the build must supply their own tubes.
The group concluded that tube guitar ampli?ers are well worth their price. With that price there are draw backs though, because tubes are very hard to replace especially with guitar amps and things where even putting them in can be a hassle.We informed the lower cycle students about Pot Luck, and how much it will cost them, there will be a bus taking students to and form the conservatory. Some of the higher cycle students proposed when they will be having sessions to the lower cycle students. So if there are any musicians, then they can work with them and get them in and show them what it is like to be in a studio for the ?rst time.A student gave a presentation about the different miking techniques, and how they differ from one another. Also showing what applications they can most suitably be used for.We discussed about getting some cheap speakers at Goodwill, and turning them into some nice sub kicks, to the lower cycle students. The students can pick one up for about 5 dollars total and have some fun experimenting with it.

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