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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 14, 2013

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Tonight was the internship boot camp. Four stations where created on the
campus to mick real situations student would experience during intership. Students
were broken up into four groups. Each group was then assigned a manager. We were
given twenty minutes to perform different tasks at each station. Grading was done by
members of the internship department. In the live sound room PRG happened to be
doing a four day long presentation and helped work with us in a live sound application.
With the studio set up students were tasked with either setting up or breaking down for
a session for a mock client. The teachers kitchen was set up to mock a kitchen at at
studio. Students were taking orders and serving mock clients with their food needs.
Then lastly a a mock of?ce was set up. Students at this station were tasked with putting
together a corporate party and ?nding and getting all the services and pricing to pull it
off. At the same time mini mock interviews were given. At the end the internship
department tallied up the scores and awarded the winning team with CRAS tee shirts.

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