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Melbourne - August 13, 2012

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Following the AGM David Murphy of Krix Loudspeakers gave a very interesting presentation on "Design Techniques for Loudspeaker Systems".
David, in addition to his wide-ranging AES activities, is a loudspeaker designer at Adelaide-based Krix Loudspeakers — a pre-eminent supplier of loudspeakers to the Cinema Industry in Australia and the region.
David took us through the design process he uses to achieve the excellent results his designs realize — highlighting the differing requirements of cinema and hi-fi loudspeakers.
He covered the software he uses in the design phase, the driver characteristics- and how they have improved over the years, and the demands of the cinema application (like flat frequency response, high power handling, low distortion, and wide HF directivity — horizontal & vertical).
The talk was interspersed with anecdotes of troubleshooting experiences in some cases where the installation did not do justice to the quality of the loudspeakers, leading to less than satisfactory results.
At the end of the talk the audience engaged in a lively Q&A session with David, which lasted even longer than David's talk. All who attended left the meeting with a far better understanding of the design requirements for loudspeakers in both cinema and hi-fi applications, and we thank David for journeying from Adelaide to speak to us and assist us with our AGM.

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