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Argentina - August 9, 2012

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In the hope of always bringing events and seminars of a different character and approach, although ever related to the field of audio and music, it is that AES ARGENTINA presented on August 9th 2012 'National Industry At The Service Of Rock', with keynote speaker Cristian 'Magoo' Sacchi, CEO for the Argentina firm Vintage Electric.

Of an arrogant title albeit a true concrete aim, the meeting served for a space of presentation and discussion — with further audition -- of the different topologies in the design and manufacturing of pre-amplifiers ('heads') and amplifiers for electric guitar and bass, quite straight from a simple point of view and accessible to almost every human being, instead of the rather regular engineer-aimed AES event.

As with past occasions, we have made use of the Conference Room at Estudio Urbano to host this presentation; something which along with Magoo's and collaborator Alejandro Fella's good heart and cool vibe, has enabled us to offer the open access and free entry to this seminar for an audience user of type of technologies (or alike) and which found itself hungry with questions.

Provided our guest guitar player, and not without having been explained all kinds of signal flows and sorts of tubes and circuitry present at the Vintage Electric gear in the room, it is that a product demonstration proceeded, as far from the selling intention as expected.

On behalf of ourselves, thank you Magoo and Alejandro, thank you Estudio Urbano, and thanks to everyone present.

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