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Past Event: Dolby Atmos joint SMPTE DC Section/SBE Chapter 37/ AES June 2018

June 21, 2018 at 5:30 pm

Location: Denizen’s Brewing and Ott House Audio - Meet at Denisen’s lower level tap room - 1111 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910 East West Highway

Moderated by: Mike Ducassoux

Speaker(s): Cheryl Ottenritter, Creative Director at Ott House Audio and Rob Carman of DC Color


***  Joint SMPTE DC Section/SBE Chapter 37/ AES June 2018 MEETING NOTICE  ***

Thursday, June 21, 2018

5:30pm Social, networking and refreshments (sponsored by OTT House Audio and Dolby Laboratories)
6:15pm-6:45pm SMPTE/SBE/AES Business Meeting

6:45-7pm General Presentation

7-9pm Pre-determined sized groups will be guided through the Ott House Audio and DC Color (co-located) studios, a fully employed, comprehensive post facility.

Denizen’s Brewing and Ott House Audio

Meet at Denisen’s lower level tap room

1111 East West Highway

Silver Spring, MD 20910 East West Highway 

Cheryl Ottenritter, Creative Director at Ott House Audio
Rob Carman DC Color

We are continuing in the tradition of an annual triple engineering group meeting again this June. Last year we were fortunate to have a well-attended presentation from Dolby Laboratories on the next generation broadcast audio AC-4 delivery standard. This year Dolby is coming through for us again to present and show in practice the ATMOS content creation product that is becoming the standard of surround and immersive audio workflow.

As part of an end to end standard through transport and final consumer delivery on multiple platforms, Atmos is a singular system capable of producing all deliverables from mono through stereo and 5.1, to immersive and personalized audio. Dolby Atmos is by far the most popular system for producing content for Blu-Ray, today’s and next generation digital broadcast, gaming, and virtual reality. in recent years, Atmos has moved beyond the world of cinema and into the frantic arena of live TV. The company has mainly looked at creating more realistic experiences in sporting events like soccer matches, racing, and the Olympics..

We have the pleasure and fortune to have Cheryl Ottenritter of Ott House Audio and Robbie Carman of DC Color along with Dolby Laboratories co-sponsoring this year’s annual DC area professional association meeting. 

In summary, will get a tech talk as well as a hands-on and practical demonstration of the Atmos product in action. We will see immersive and personalized sound post-production integrated with post color grading, and a demonstration of Dolby Vision HDR and how it is rendered and referenced to each particular display device in actual use.



Although we can welcome visitors that do not register, because our friends at Dolby Laboratories are providing a light dinner (and some local beer samples), a fairly accurate count is necessary for planning group sizes, tour intervals, and to prepare enough food. We would appreciate your RSVP by June 19th. There are boxes to check for organization affiliation. Membership is not a requirement for the event


Denizen’s Brewing and Ott House are located next to each other. The rear patio of the Denizen’s downstairs tap house has a stairway leading up to the studio.

The Silver Spring metro is a ten minute walk. Here is a link to a time lapse video of the path from the station to the studio:

This page has a map of the location:


Please do not park in front of the building at 1111 East West Highway in one of the (only four) available parking spaces. There is ample and close by parking at the Montgomery County Kennett Street municipal garage, one block south of the meeting location. Parking charge is reasonable (75 cents per hour) and necessary only until 7 pm:


Other Business: Joint SMPTE DC Section/SBE Chapter 37/ AES June 2018

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Past Event: Classic Recording Techniques for a High-Resolution Future (and why it matters to you)

April 26, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Location: 7014 Westmoreland Ave, Ste 7, Takoma Park, Maryland 20912

Moderated by: Mike Ducassoux

Speaker(s): Doug Fearn, George Hazelrigg, Geoff Hazerigg

We are very excited about out next meeting, at Tonal Park (formerly Airshow) in Takoma Park on April 26 at 6:30 PM.

The Program is entitled
"Classic Recording Techniques for a High-Resolution Future
(and why it matters to you).”

Featured presenters are: Doug Fearn, George Hazelrigg, Geoff Hazerigg

Here is a link to the history of D.W.Fearn. It references the arrangement between Doug, Geoff and George:

Tonal Park's website is:

Food will be provided for the event, please RSVP to so that we can provide enough food for all.  

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Past Event: Audio Networking and Dante/ Tour of the "Pershing's Own" Brucker Hall

Audio Networking and Dante/ Tour of the "Pershing's Own" Brucker Hall

February 15, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Location: 400 McNair Road Arlington, VA

Moderated by: Mike Ducassoux

Speaker(s): Tim Metzinger

 We welcome you all to the February Washington DC Sections AES meeting at Brucker Hall on Fort Myer. 

Tim Metzinger will give a presentation on Audio Networking and Dante covering Network Audio and Networking Concepts, Dante Network Audio, Use Cases, Demonstrations, and Best Practices and Recommendations

Following the presentation we will tour the facility of the "Pershing's Own" to see and hear their studios and performance spaces at Brucker Hall.

For instructions on how to get on base at Fort Myer, please go to the following link (PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT AHEAD OF TIME).…/joint-base-myer-henderson-hall-…

On this page you will see a link to a PDF under the NON_DOD section, please print the PDF and fill it out before you come to the meeting (if you forget, you can fill it out on site, it will just delay your entrance on base). When you get to the Hatfield Gate entrance, you must present a valid ID, and the printed form and tell the guard you are there for the AES event at Brucker Hall (they are aware that we will be there that day and will be expecting you). At that time, the guard may perform a quick search of your vehicle. Once complete you can continue on to Brucker Hall, here is a map of the base to assist.…/directions-to-fort-myer.html

Parking is available across the street from Brucker Hall. While getting on base sounds involved, the base deals with guests regularly and they aim to get you through security as quickly as possible. If you have any concerns or questions please email Mike Ducassoux at

We promise this whole security stuff sounds more involved than it really is- if you have any questions just reach out!

The meet and greet/food will take place at 6:30.  Following that will be our AES meeting, followed by Tim's presentation and then the tour of Brucker Hall hosted by the engineers of the "Pershing's Own".

Food will be provided for the event, by AES.  If you plan to attend the meeting, please email to let us know for an accurate food count.  It will also help us in letting the security team know roughly how many folks they can expect the night of.  You can also just say you will attend through the Facebook event that we have created, whatever is convenient for you. 


Other Business: For the AES meeting, We will discuss things ahead for our meetings in April, June, and the rest of the year.  We invite anyone interested in joining a committee to stay after the meeting for a few minutes just to exchange information and come up with a plan moving forward for the rest of this calendar year.  Have new ideas for AES, your leadership would love to hear from you about them and figure out a way to make them happen.  

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Past Event: FCC/RF Spectrum Changes &  Axient Digital Wireless

December 7, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Location: WTOP, 3400 Idaho Ave NW (Parking in the Giant lot)

Moderated by: Mike Ducassoux

Speaker(s): Troy Jensen, CTS-D Sr. Market Development Specialist, Shure Incorporated

We face a growing range of challenges when specifying and selecting wireless microphones. We are consistently asked to address two key end-user expectations, whether working on a broadcast studio, a performance/recording space, or a live venue: high channel counts in the face of shrinking available spectrum and aesthetic demands that compromise wireless operation.
Topics to be covered include:


AnchorHigh Channel Count with Shrinking Spectrum

AnchorDiversity in Frequency Ranges

AnchorAesthetic Demands That Compromise Wireless Operation

AnchorMinimizing Visual Impact

AnchorGetting the most out of Axient Digital with Wireless Workbench 6

Dinner will be provided, courtesy of SKMac
In order to plan for dinner, we ask that you please

RSVP to by December 5th.  Thanks!

Other Business: Leadership is looking for volunteers to join the committee to help plan future meetings, meet and greet opportunities (to grow membership), and ways to connect our professional and student sections in the year ahead. We welcome your suggestions and comments for webpage content and meeting topics that will help serve your needs and interests. If you would like to become a member of the committee, contact Mike Ducassoux (DC Section Chair) directly. AES members can contact Mike through the AES-website member database.

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A Message from David J. Weinberg, Chair AES-DC section:

We have initiated two specific efforts to improve AES-DC section support:

A group of volunteers who serve as AES-DC section web-masters to develop and maintain this AES-DC section webpage; and meeting coordinators who devise meeting topics, make arrangements for featured speakers, and investigate sites for section meetings.

Our webmaster volunteers are working to make this webpage a useful and dynamic link to the AES-DC section. They are also working to distribute email notifications to all of you who are members, and to 'friends' of the AES-DC section (those who are not yet members, and those who share our interest in audio).

Our meeting coordinator volunteers are expected to work with other groups such as the Acoustical Society of America DC Chapter (ASA-DC), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers DC section (SMPTE-DC), the Association of Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC), and other professional and academic organizations. We plan to coordinate with AES student chapters to enhance the educational value of our section to all.

Our work is just beginning, so your patience will be appreciated.  In time we will contact you directly with meeting notices and other information.  We have many ideas, but as always, welcome your suggestions and comments for webpage content and meeting topics that will help serve your needs and interests.

If you would like to be part of any of our efforts, contact me directly. AES members can contact me through the AES-website member database.

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