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Reflecting on Reflections - June 2014

Audibility of a CD-Standard A/DA/A Loop Inserted into High-Resolution Audio Playback - September 2007

Quiet Thoughts on a Deafening Problem - May 2014
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Rene Van Broekhoven

Rene Van Broekhoven

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Audio Fields:

  • Recording Industry - Music Recording/Mix Studio
  • Recording Industry - Home/Project Studio
  • Recording Industry - Mastering Studio
  • Recording Industry - Post Production
  • Recording Industry - Film/Video Sound
  • Recording Industry - Location Sound Recording
  • Broadcasting - Studio
  • Educational Institutions - Educator

Job Duties:

  • Owner/Director
  • Author/Journalist/Technical Writer
  • Educator
  • Engineer
  • Musician/Talent
  • Producer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Sound Designer


René van Broekhoven has founded The RBS Group, Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1975. Since then he has been professionally active in various disciplines within the audiovisual and communication industry. For more than 30 years he has run The Sound Seminar, the first privately owned pro-audio recording school in The Netherlands, wich provided approx. 70 qualified lecturers. For decades he heas been writing for various magazines. Check his extended portfolio at He heas been member of the AES Netherland Section Borad for more than 8 years and has been granted the AES Certificate of Appreciation twice, the first time in 1990
Rene started his career as a journalist and producer of audiovisual productions. Currently he produces documentaries and runs a high profile music recording studio (


RBS/The Producer's Workshop
Samuel Mullerplein 10
NL-3023 SK Rotterdam
Office Phone:

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