AES Dublin Workshop W04: Integrating History into the Modern Audio Curriculum

AES Dublin 2019
Workshop W04

Wednesday, March 20, 17:00 — 18:00 (Liffey A)

W04 - Integrating History into the Modern Audio Curriculum

Scott Burgess, University of Colorado Denver - Denver, CO, USA
Fiona Doyle-O'Neill, University College Cork - Cork, Ireland
Mark Drews, University of Stavanger School of Performing Arts - Stavanger, Norway; Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound - Stavanger, Norway
Gabe Herman, The University of Hartford, The Hartt School - Hartford, CT, USA
Mariana Lopez, University of York - York, UK

Audio engineers know the value of an old microphone and understand the uses of classic equipment and techniques. However, many current audio students still need to be connected with the rich history of our craft. This panel of experienced educators will discuss how to incorporate history into the curriculum of audio schools. Several approaches to a stand-alone history class will be discussed, as well as methods of including history in survey courses. Among these are the use, maintenance, and repair of historical equipment, examination of documents relating to audio history, preservation and restoration of older recordings, and utilization of recording techniques from bygone days. Our ultimate goal is to inspire students to take this history to heart by incorporating it into their present-day careers.

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