AES Dublin Workshops & Tutorials

AES Dublin 2019
Workshops & Tutorials

Preliminary Workshops and Tutorials: (subject to change)
Audio for Virtual Reality
Audio Education
Automotive Audio
Broadcast and Film Sound
Forensic Audio
Live Sound
Music Production
Product Development
Spatial Audio



• Uncovering the Acoustic Treasures of Cathedrals: The Use of Acoustic Measurements and Computer Modeling to Preserve Intangible Heritage

Audio for Virtual Reality

• Sound for Extreme 360° Productions
• MPEG-H 3D Audio Goes VR
• Video Creations for Music, Virtual Reality, Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) VR and 3D Productions – Case Studies

Audio Education

• The Possible Future of Electronic Dance Music Production Training in an Unregulated Industry
• Teaching the Recording Studio Beyond the Classroom

Automotive Audio

• Impact and Audibility of Distortion in Automotive Audio Applications

Broadcast and Film Sound

• Approaches to Emotional Film Sound Design
• Meaningful Sound Design with Location Field Recording
• The Sound of War: Capturing Sounds in Conflict Zones
• Creating Sound Effects Libraries
• The Present and Future of Audio for Film and Television
• Microphone Systems for Sound Design

Forensic Audio

• Forensic Audio—What's That?

Live Sound

• Critical and Analytical Listening Skills within Electronic Dance Music Production, Hearing and Hearing Protection
• Understanding Line Source Behavior for Better Optimization
• Depicting Emotion through Sound Design
• How to Rate the Maximum Loudspeaker Output SPLmax?
• Spatial Audio for Contemporary Music Performances and Theater
• Noise Pollution from Outdoor Entertainment Events

Music Production

• Mix It! Are There Best Mixing Practices?
• Audio Mastering's Core Values and the Influence of Modern Technology
• Microphones—Can You Hear the Specs? A Master Class
• Space, Place, and Bass: Providing Modern Metal Music with an Appropriate Balance between Heaviness and Clarity

Product Development

• LTI Filter Design and Implementation 101
• Practical Deep Learning Introduction for Audio Processing Engineers
• Loudspeaker Reliability Test Signals
• Modern Sampling Part 2: Sparse/Compressive Sampling/Sensing
• Audio, Accessibility, and the Creative Industries
• Overview of Advances in Magnetic Playback

Spatial Audio

• Binaural Multitracking with Binaural Directional Convolution Reverb
• Ambience Recording in 3D: Who Needs Ambisonics?(!)
• Psychoacoustics of 3D Sound Recording and Reproduction (with 9.1 Demos)
• Recording Orchestral Music and 3D Audio: Challenges, Considerations, and Solutions
• Case Studies in Jazz and Pop/Rock Music Production for 3D Audio
• Experimental Approach in 3D Audio Production

This is a preliminary list. Come back soon for more details.