AES Dublin Tutorial T32: Emotive Sound Design in Theory

AES Dublin 2019
Tutorial T32

Saturday, March 23, 11:15 — 12:45 (Liffey Hall 2)


T32 - Emotive Sound Design in Theory

Thomas Görne, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences - Hamburg, Germany

The tutorial explores film sound design from the viewpoints of perception, psychology, and communication science starting with the auditory and audiovisual object. A special focus is set on communication through crossmodal correspondences of auditory perception expressed in metaphors like height, brightness or size, as well as on the semantics of sound symbols, on the emotional impact of ambiguous objects, on inattentional deafness due to the limited bandwidth of conscious perception (i.e., the "inaudible gorilla"), and on image-sound relationships. Application of these principles lead to sound design concepts like realism / naturalism, the modern attention guiding "hyperrealistic" approach, and more experimental approaches like expressionism and impressionism.

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