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Hans-Peter Gasselseder

Hans-Peter Gasselseder

Primary Affiliation: Aalborg University - Aalborg, Denmark
Secondary Affiliation: Linz, Austria

Hans-Peter Gasselseder (b.1986) [Mag. rer. nat., Dipl.-Psych.] is known for combining scientific and artistic practice at the crossroads of cognitive and cultural psychology, human-computer interaction, virtual acoustics and sound/music production for the media. He has studied and taught psychology, communication science, and musicology/dance science at the University of Salzburg [Austria] and Aalborg University [Denmark]. Gasselseder is a frequent speaker at international conferences and has published several peer-reviewed papers, journal articles and book chapters on immersive experience, agency, situational context and its interaction with non-linear, dynamic music in interactive media, such as video games and augmented reality. Apart from his academic endeavours, he is also internationally active as a composer and [virtual] orchestrator for film and video games as well as a designer of virtual reality experiences, [stage-] media for concert/opera productions and advertising concepts. Currently he is preparing his PhD-thesis ‘Re-Dramatizing the Game Orchestra’ at Aalborg University.

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Mar 22: W13: Video Creations for Music, Virtual Reality, Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) VR, and 3D Productions–Case Studies (Panelist)

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