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Monday, October 7 9:00 am – 12:00 noon
W10: LOUDSPEAKER LINE ARRAYS – PART 1 (Theory & History, Tutorial)
Chair: Jim Brown, Audio Systems Group, Inc
Wolfgang Ahnert, ADA/Acoustic Design Ahnert
Stefan Feistel,Software Design Ahnert
Kurt Graffy, Arup Acoustics
David Gunness, Eastern Acoustic Works
Mike Klasco, Menlo Scientific
Don Keele, Harman Motive

This tutorial workshop is targeted at working sound reinforcement professionals. The session includes development of basic concepts underlying line arrays, both simple and complex, an historical survey of commercial line array products, and a variety of line array design techniques. Methods of predicting line array performance are described, both at the conceptual and practical level. This session is a highly useful precursor to afternoon session W12 (Loudspeaker Line Arrays, Part 2 - Practice & Applications).


  • Mike Klasco, Menlo Scientific: "Historical Review of Line Array Products"
  • Don Keele, Harman Motive: "Basic Line Array Concepts"
  • Kurt Graffy, Arup Acoustics: "Electronically-Steered Arrays"
  • David Gunness, Eastern Acoustic Works: "Measurement and Modeling of Multi-Element Loudspeakers and Modeling of Waveguide Elements"
  • Wolfgang Ahnert, ADA/Acoustic Design Ahnert: "Line Array System Design Considerations"
  • Stefan Feistel,Software Design Ahnert: "3-D Modeling of Line Arrays in Software"
  • Jim Brown, Audio Systems Group, Inc.: "Sort-Of Line Arrays?"

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