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Record Quality and Its Relation to Manufacturing
On Stylus Wear and Surface Noise in Phonograph Playback Systems
Frequency-Modulation Noise in Magnetic Recording
Defects in Magnetic Recording Tape: Their Cause and Cure
Correlation of Transient Measurements on Loudspeakers with Listening Tests
Multi-impedance, Multifrequency Crossover networks for Multispeaker Systems
Journal Authors, Volume 3, Number 1
Journal Authors, Volume 3, Number 2
A Method for the Quantitative Measurement of Wind-Noise Sensitivity in Microphones
Decibel Tables-Power and Voltage Ratios
Record Stylus Pressure
Present-Day Developments in Magnetic Pickups
Frequency Characteristic of a Sound-Reinforcing System
A Microphone for Informal Use
An Extended Cathode-Coupled Phase Inverter and Its Application to Single-Ended Push-Pull Amplifiers
An Electrostatic Loudspeaker Development
Development of a Subminiature Tape Recorder
MIL-T-27 Procurement Problems
Transient Behavior of Electric Wave Filters
Power Amplifiers for Music Reproduction
Locating Defects in Magnetic Recording Tape
The Appreciation of Tone Quality
Measurement of Flutter and Wow in Magnetic-Tape Instrumentation Recorders
High-Efficiency Three-way Speaker System
Practical Tape Duplication
Journal Authors, Volume 3, Number 3
Fundamentals of Speech Synthesis
Magnetic Properties of Recording-Tape Pigments
Standards of Acceptability for High-Fidelity Loudspeakers
On Electrical Loading of Microphones
A Transistorized Tape Recorder
Magnetic Pickups and Proper Playback Equalization
A Co-ordinated Church Audio-Visual System
Some Design Criteria for Magnetic Tape
Journal Authors, Volume 3, Number 4
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