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Complete Journal: Volume 3 Issue 1
Record Quality and Its Relation to Manufacturing
On Stylus Wear and Surface Noise in Phonograph Playback Systems
Frequency-Modulation Noise in Magnetic Recording
Defects in Magnetic Recording Tape: Their Cause and Cure
Correlation of Transient Measurements on Loudspeakers with Listening Tests
Multi-impedance, Multifrequency Crossover networks for Multispeaker Systems
Journal Authors, Volume 3, Number 1
Complete Journal: Volume 3 Issue 2
Journal Authors, Volume 3, Number 2
A Method for the Quantitative Measurement of Wind-Noise Sensitivity in Microphones
Decibel Tables-Power and Voltage Ratios
Record Stylus Pressure
Present-Day Developments in Magnetic Pickups
Frequency Characteristic of a Sound-Reinforcing System
A Microphone for Informal Use
An Extended Cathode-Coupled Phase Inverter and Its Application to Single-Ended Push-Pull Amplifiers
An Electrostatic Loudspeaker Development
Development of a Subminiature Tape Recorder
MIL-T-27 Procurement Problems
Complete Journal: Volume 3 Issue 3
Transient Behavior of Electric Wave Filters
Power Amplifiers for Music Reproduction
Locating Defects in Magnetic Recording Tape
The Appreciation of Tone Quality
Measurement of Flutter and Wow in Magnetic-Tape Instrumentation Recorders
High-Efficiency Three-way Speaker System
Practical Tape Duplication
Journal Authors, Volume 3, Number 3
Complete Journal: Volume 3 Issue 4
Fundamentals of Speech Synthesis
Magnetic Properties of Recording-Tape Pigments
Standards of Acceptability for High-Fidelity Loudspeakers
On Electrical Loading of Microphones
A Transistorized Tape Recorder
Magnetic Pickups and Proper Playback Equalization
A Co-ordinated Church Audio-Visual System
Some Design Criteria for Magnetic Tape
Journal Authors, Volume 3, Number 4
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