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100 Years with Stereo!: The Beginning
Electronic Editing in the PCM Recording Using U-Type VTR
An Effective RAM Accessing Method for PCM Processing Systems
TIM-Distortion in Monolithic Integrated Circuits: Measurements and Simulation
A Contribution to the Objective Investigation of the Frequency Response Characteristics of the Multiway Loudspeaker Cabinet Systems
Amplifier Remote Sensing Technique for Driving Speakers
Optimum Reverberation Times of Monitor Rooms and Listening Rooms
Experiments in Hearing with Magnetomotoricly Induced Tone
Is Linear Phase Worthwhile?
A Flexible Digital Sound Editing Program for Minicomputer Systems
A Method of Evaluation for Reproduced Sound Fields Using Crosspower Spectrum
On Disk-Record Echo Phenomena
An Interactive Multi Criteria Computer Program for the Synthesis of Loudspeaker Systems
Audio Restoration and Transfer Technology
A Digital I/O Interface Suitable for Broadcasting Use
Multipurpose High Speed Random Access System on PCM Audio Disc with Touching Pick-Up and Groove Guidance
The Influence of Some Parameters on the Quality of Spatial Impression with Transmission by Eidophony
Transient Nonlinear Distortions: Duration and Structure of Components
Common-Mode Induced Distortion in Differential Stages
Digital Audio Editor
Design Factors of Digital Filters for Audio Signals
Advanced Negative Feedback Design for High Performance Amplifiers
A New Image Enhancement Technique for Stereo Reproduction
Ribbon Sendust Heads
Differential Technology in Recording Consoles and the Impact of Transformerless Circuitry on Grounding Technique
A New Approach to Digital Sampling Frequency Conversion
A New Approach to Transient Intermodulation (TIM) Distortion Measurements
Phase Modulation and Intermodulation in Feedback Audio Amplifiers
New Investigations on Linearity Problems of Capacitive Transducers
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