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A Personal Calculator Program for Low Frequency Horn Design Using Thiele-Small Driver Parameters
A New Way in Sound Synthesis
A Language for Automatic Execution of Musical Scores by Computers
Automatic Characteristics Setting in the Compact Cassette Player
Theory and Numerical Calculation of the Vibration and Sound Radiation of Cone and Dome Loudspeakers with Non-Rigid Diaphragms
A Tri-Amplified Monitor Loudspeaker Based on High-Quality Direct Radiator Drivers
Analogue Loudspeaker Measurement with -3-D- Display
New Methods of Amplifier Performance Evaluation
PCM Programme Transmission and Communication Network for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
A Long-Play Digital Audio Disk System
Data Reduction Techniques for High-Quality Digitized Audio
Low Frequency Loudspeaker Measurements with an Accelerometer
Electronic Manipulation of Psychoacoustic Space Perception
A Unified 4-4-4, 4-3-4, 4-2-4 Sq-Compatible System of Recording and FM Broadcasting (USQ)
A New Digital Audio Recorder for Professional Applications
Distribution of the Phonograph Signal Rate of Change
Which Bandwidth is Necessary for Optimal Sound Transmission?
A Novel Optical Interferometry Technique for the Measurement of Record Groove Modulation
Spatial Reproduction by Eidophony
Remote Control of Wireless Microphones
An Investigation into the Increase of Non-Linear Distortion Products from Virgin Tape to Disc Playback
CCD-Delay-Lines in Audio
Professional Line Output Level Electret Microphone for Public-Address Use
Transmission of Speech-and Music-Programme Automatically Controlled by Varying Environmental Noise
Computer-Coded Search System for Compact Cassettes
A New Dropout Test Procedure for Magnetic Recording
Compatible Stereophonic Broadcasting Systems for Spatial Reproduction
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