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The Variable Acoustics of the Espace de Projection of Ircam (Paris)
Precision Sound Image Localization Technique Utilizing Multi-Track Tape Masters
Advanced Room Acoustics
Eidophonic Reproduction with Two Scanning Planes
Listening Conditions in an Almost Direct Sound Field
Audibility Examinations of Change of Probability Density of Acoustical Signal Instantaneous Values
Identification of Audio Frequency Sources Applied to Cassettes
An Electronic Equivalent Circuit for Magnetic Head Problems
An Automatic Dynamic Range Expansion System for Compact Cassette Tape Recorders
Digital Synthesis of Complex Spectra by Means of Multiplication of Non Linear Distorted Sine Waves
The Use of Linear Prediction of Speech in Computer Music Applications
Computer-Aided Model of Stereophonic Systems
Optimum Transmission of Speech and Music into Noisy Environments
Modern Audio Systems for Open Air Stadiums
Evolution Trends in Broadcasting
Multi-Dimensional Audio
Multi-Dimensional Audio Measurements Using Digital Signal Processing Techniques
Practical Problems of Loudspeaker Parameters Measurements
Phase Plug Modelling and Analysis: Radial Versus Circumferential Types
Design of a Studio-Quality Condenser Microphone Using Electret Technology
Dynamic Range Limitations of Optical Couplers
Very High Fidelity Quartz Controlled PWM (Class D) Stereo Amplifiers for Consumer and Professional Use
Standardized Listening Conditions in Sound Control Rooms
Reportage Transmitters, Aspects of Design, and Realization
Accurate Measurement of Tape Head Wear Using Isotopes
Conference Systems Using Infrared Light Techniques
Intermodulation Distortion in the Amplifier-Loudspeaker Interface
Low Dimensional Control of Musical Timbre
An Overview of the Recording Techniques and Equipment for Post Production
Magnetic Digital Audio Recording: A Realistic Look at an Emerging Technology
A Pre-Mixer for Assisted Sound Recording
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