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Stop Using the Ambiguous dBM!
Kapseln Für Elektretmikrofone
Discrete-Matrix Multichannel Stereo
Long Term Program Attenuator
Universal Abacus for Designing and Calculating Linear Arrays with Isotropic Radiators and Uniform Amplitude Distribution
Periphone (with Height Sound Reproduction)
Unidirectionality Radiating Loudspeakers
Digital Speech Data Transmission Using Pitch Synchronous Analysis and External Coding
Circuit Design Modifications and Minimizing Transient Intermodulation Distortion in Audio Amplifiers
Suitable Frequencies for Wireless Microphones
A Studio Cassette System, Tape Speed 9.53 cm/s
Panorama of Problems Raised by Television Sound Operations and Equipment
High-Intensity, Modular, Tri- and Quad-Amplification Loudspeaker Systems
Results of Research of Acoustical Conditions for Efficient Work and Agreeable Living
The Sound Recording Method in the Light of Some Problems of Music-Aesthetic Nature
Sound Recording and Acoustics in the New Dance-Music Studio of the Hessian Radio
Theoretical Influences Caused by Geometrical Errors in Magnetic Tapes and Recording Heads
Anforderungen an Die Audio-Visuelle Information im Musikinstrumenten-Museum
Audio Control Facilities in Modern Recording Studios
Articulation Loss of Consonants as a Criterion for Speech Transmission in Rooms
Articulation Loss of Consonants as a Basis for the Design and Judgment of Sound Reinforcement Systems
Telephone Repeater Circuits
Comparative Stereophonic Listening Tests
Frequency-Analyzing Equipment for Measurements in the Audio and Subaudio Frequency Range
Windscreening of Microphones
A Noise Reduction System for Consumer Tape Recording
Some Problems Connected with Disc Playback
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