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The Good Vibrations Problem
Architectural Acoustics and Electroacoustics in the Asisium Theatre: An Integrated Construction Work
Expressive Physical Modeling of Keyboard Instruments: From Theory to Implementation
Timecode-Aware Loudness Monitoring: Accelerate Engineers’ Everyday Workflow
Control of the Audio Signal Using Thermal Parameter for Protection of the Voice Coil
Automatic Segmentation of Concert Recordings via a Heuristic Approach
Simulation of a Near Field Loudspeaker System on Headphones
Influence of First Reflections in Listening Room on Subjective Listener Impression of Reproduced Sound
Measurement of Sound Quality Differences in Individual CD Media Using Residual Waveform Comparison
Binaural Room Simulation for Acoustic Testing
The Advantages of Using Active Crossovers in High-End Wireless Speakers
Comparative Analysis of Different Loudness Meters Based on Voice Detection and Gating
Assessing the Standardization of an Existing iOS Control Application to AES64-2012 Network Protocol
Workload Estimation for Low-Delay Segmented Convolution
Innovation in Audio: Update on Patent Activity in the Audio Field
An Examination of Early Analog and Digital Sampling—The Robb Wave Organ circa 1927
Spatial Sound Reinforcement Using Wave Field Synthesis
Sync-AV–Workflow Tool for File-Based Video Shootings
On the Optimum Microphone Array Configuration for Height Channels
Free Improv—The Hard Way
International Experiences from a New Sound System Approach
Nonlinear Guitar Loudspeaker Simulation
Using Low-Latency Net-Based Solutions to Extend the Audio and Video Capabilities of a Studio Complex
Spatial Acoustic Synthesis
Enhancing the Learning of Stereo Microphone Techniques through the Use of a Simulated Learning Environment
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