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Low Delay Error Concealment for Audio Signals
Speech Enhancement Technique for Low SNR Recording
Music and Noise Fingerprinting and Reference Cancellation Applied to Forensic Audio Enhancement
Enhancing Low SNR Speech Corrupted by Non-Stationary Tonal Noises
Effects of Replay on the Iintelligibility of Noisy Speech
Semi-Automated Technique for Noisy Recording Enhancement Using an Independent Reference Recording
Phase & Amplitude Analysis of the ENF for Digital Audio Authentication
Effects of Oscillator Errors on Electric Network Frequency Analysis
Quantifying Effects of Lossy Compression on Electric Network Frequency Signals
A Study of the Accuracy and Precision of Quadratic Frequency Interpolation for ENF Estimation
Advances in Electric Network Frequency Acquisition Systems and Stand Alone Probe Applications for the Authentication of Digital Media
Using Simple Monte Carlo Methods and a Grid Database to Determine the Operational Parameters for the ENF Matching Process
Advances in ENF Analysis for Digital Media Authentication
Analytical Framework for Digital Audio Authentication
Microphone Identification Using Higher-Order Statistics
Using Ripple Signals for the Authentication of Aaudio Material
Evaluation of the Average DC Offset Values for Nine Small Digital Audio Recorders
Effectiveness of Electronic Voice Disguise Between Friends
GMM-Based Efficient Language Identification
Automatic Search and Classification of Sound Sources in Long-Term Surveillance Recordings
Carving and Reorganizing Fragmented MP3 Files Using Syntactic and Spectral Information
SWGDE Core Competencies for Forensic Audio
Comparing Automatic Forensic Voice Comparison Systems under Forensic Conditions
What Did Bain Really Say? A Preliminary Forensic Analysis of the Disputed Utterance Based on Data, Acoustic Analysis, Statistical Models, Calculation of Likelihood Ratios, and Testing of Validity
Speaker Identification Using Phonetic Segmentation and Normalized Relative Delays of Source Harmonics
Securing Speaker Verification System Against Replay Attack
Tone Removal Using a Band Focus Speech Reconstruction Algorithm
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